Kashmir has people with Hindu and Muslim dominance the most, the attires are more or less the same with a less difference which is hardly noticeable. Costumes here are well known for their embroidery and intricate designs, which reflects the richness of the culture and landscape of the region. The form of clothing is designed to counter the cold climate of the region. Most of the garments are made of wool, silk designed with intricate embroideries and cotton.

Pathani Suit

The Pathani suit is often referred to as Khan Dress. It is worn by men and you will find this type of attire mostly wore by Srinagar people. Turban is also common among Muslim men. It is said that skull caps protect them. People who belong to Karakuli and peasants are said to be wearing complete frill skull caps with shawls made of Pashmina which signifies a royalty symbol.​


This is a long loose gown that hangs down below the knee area. Men usually also wear a skull cap with a salwar which is tightly worn.


Turbans are common among Muslim men. Skull caps are prevalent, especially among the peasants and the Karakuli. Fur skull caps with the Pashmina shawls worn by men often symbolize royal lineage.


The Muslim men wear lace-free shoes known as Gurgabis

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