Kashmir has people with Hindu and Muslim dominance the most, the attires are more or less the same with a less difference which is hardly noticeable. Costumes here are well known for their embroidery and intricate designs, which reflects the richness of the culture and landscape of the region. The form of clothing is designed to counter the cold climate of the region. Most of the garments are made of wool, silk designed with intricate embroideries and cotton.


It comes with broad and long yet loose sleeves and there is heavy embroidery to it. This is a perfect blend of Iranian and Indian clothing. Generally, the Hindu Kashmir woman has her Pheran which touches her feet and is even tied at the waist with a folded material which is called Iihung.​


Kashmir woman has a colourful scarf which is also called Taranga which is a popular headdress. It is made of a suspended cap and is narrowed down at the backside till the heels. It is said to be an important part of the wedding in Kashmir be it of Muslims or Hindus.


Along with pehran, it is Kasaba which is a red headgear that is accompanied by pehran. Other than Taranga, this type of turban is quite designed with a turban and has ornaments that are pinned down along with the silver brooches. There is also a pink scarf with it from the Kasaba that is suspended at the shoulder. Mostly this is worn by Muslim Kashmir woman as a part of their routine attire​


This is another common attitude of women in Kashmir. Usually, an unmarried Muslim woman has costumes that may vary to a great extent. The headgear is then replaced with the ornate skill caps and has the embossment done with the gold threads along with gems and talismans too.​

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