“Kashmir is the delicate reminder of the fact that poetry not always needs pages and words. When the Sides are torn and ink has faded, the living poetry can be felt through heartbeats and emotions”.

Jammu and Kashmir shall celebrate the third anniversary of abrogation of its special constitutional status through Article 370, and the division of the state into two Union Territories. Over the past three years, one thing that stands out has been the current government’s strong grip on quelling stone pelting and frequent lockdowns in Kashmir. Under the vision of Naya Jammu and Kashmir, the Union Territory is mapping new highs and fares among the leaders in many sectors. Reforms combined with renewed efforts of the people, led to the establishment of a new era of peace and development following the repeal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Against speed, efficiency and quality of Naya Jammu and Kashmir, a record number of developmental projects were completed. New milestones are set in the overall project execution that transforms the lives of ordinary citizens. The J&K state has some unique economic disadvantages due to remoteness and poor connectivity, hilly and often inhospitable terrain, vulnerability to natural disasters, a weak resource base, poor infrastructure, sparse population density, shallow markets. The long term development of Jammu and Kashmir is aimed at generating economic activity within the Union Territory and integrating the Union Territory into the national and the global economy. The most effective way to do this is to focus on sectors and projects that deliver rapid results while laying the foundations for long term growth. In this context, the Government has taken several development projects by hand, which have been mentioned in subsequent paragraphs.    

Naya Kashmir – Changing Ground Reality at First Glance.          

Gone are the days of empty lanes with downed shutters, dilapidated schools, uncultivated farmlands and turbulent times. Since the abrogation of Article of 370, Jammu and Kashmir has ushered in an era of economic revival, infrastructural investment, modern development projects aiding employment opportunities and empowering the local youth, eventually emerging from the shadows of obsolete past. In light of the economic empowerment of the region and for it to remain relevant in changing contours and challenges, the Government of India has envisioned “NAYA KASHMIR’’ outlining the facets of peace and development.

Model Governance.          

Transparency and accountability has increased by to a high extent. Monetary aid and funds designated has reached to the appropriate beneficiaries. Presence of progressive laws like Right to Education, Maintenance and Welfare of Parents, Senior Citizens Act has assisted the vulnerable sections of society. Introduction of local self-governments, Citizens Charter to address the concerns faced by the people and frequent   interactions which are held with Panchayati Raj Institutions has enabled equal participation and bolstered grass-roots democracy with complete transparency.

Railway Project.        

The year 2023 is be a precious and memorable year for the entire Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, as the Kashmir Valley will be connected  to the rest of India by  trains, as all the bottle neck projects in the railway tracks are expected to be completed soon. India will also reach  a milestone by narrowing the highest rail bridge in the world. The overach deck will be completed with golden joints. This bridge is located on the upper side of Salal Bandh near Kavari Village in the Reasi District of Jammu and Kashmir. The 111 km railway line from Katra to Banihal is underway and is on one of the difficult stretch of the Himalayan mountain range.

Sports and Youth.             

In order to educate the youth, sports has been used a tool to promote peace, engaging them in peace-building initiatives, providing skills and empowering them by organizing local tournaments in the Kashmir valley.In addition, the response to Agnipath scheme has been overwhelming amongst the youth. Pre-training and physical conditioning camps are organized to strengthen the confidence of these candidates. Initiation of Target Olympic Podium Scheme and Khelo India Initiative has benefitted several athletes and help in nurturing local talent. In the past few years over 11,000 appointments have been provided for the youth to work in Government organizations. Several youth clubs have been established at Panchayat level by which 63,000 youngsters have been connected. Such confidence building initiatives empower the youth and protects them from treading the violent path.


  The presence of current Government policies coupled with peace-building initiatives can be utilized to bring J&K back on the right track. It is essential that all the stakeholders involved must contribute to its economic growth, not only assisting the lives of locals but also restoring the cultural heritage, ethos and harmony among them. With such robust support system and right zeal Jammu & Kashmir is poised to tread towards the path of peace, progress and prosperity.

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