Kashmir has often been deemed as heaven on Earth and we couldn’t agree more. The charm of this Himalayan region lies in the enchanting valley views and green landscapes, but the vibrant festivals of Kashmir celebrated by the local folks amplify that charm of Kashmir. The people let bygones be bygones and indulge in festivities in absolute communal harmony. This stands as an example of the beauty of Kashmir.

Tulip Festival(Apr-May)

With hundreds of Tulip Gardens in all of Kashmir, the state flourishes with Tulips during the spring season. With the largest Tulip Garden in Asia in its bounty, Srinagar plays host to the great Tulip Festival every year. The festival boasts of the variety of Tulips garnered here. During the springs, the sight of the tulips in any of these gardens is a sight to behold, undoubtedly a mesmerizing and breathtaking sight, especially for a non-Kashmiri. Tulip Festival takes place at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir. The festival features a showcase of local handicrafts, luscious cuisine, cultural programs and of course, Tulips!

Shikara Festival (March)

The lifeline and identity of the Dal Lake in Kashmir, Shikara needs to be celebrated once a year. To promote tourism, Kashmir’s government began this festival in 2016. During the festival, Shikaras are painted and dressed beautifully. Shikaras participate in Shikara Race, Dragon Boat Race and Canoe Polo Match. Other cultural programs are also organised which will give you a glimpse of the culture of Kashmir.

Kheer Bhawani Mela

The Kheer Bhawani Mela is located in Tullamulla in Srinagar and is a revered Hindu shrine devoted to Ragnya Devi, the Hindu goddess. It is celebrated on the eighth day of the full moon in May, and on this occasion, devotees fast on this particular day and gather at the temple in enormous numbers. It is believed that on this day, the goddess changes the colours of the spring’s waters. During this mela, a large number of Hindus visit the temple to seek the blessings of the goddess.

Gurez Festival

Around 123 km from the capital of Kashmir, Gurez is the placid valley in the Himalayas at an elevated height of about 8,000 feet. The picturesque valley has a plethora of scenic views as it lies on the ancient Silk Route. Neelum River flows amidst the Gurez valley and is a perfect destination for river rafting activity. People of Gurez play host to the annual festival in which they showcase their handicrafts, cuisines, and culture. Everyone assembles for the fest which also involves fun activities like river rafting, trekking, zorbing, cycling, etc. Many competitions such as painting and drawing also take place which witnesses huge participation. Many musical programs displaying Kashmiri culture are also a pleasure to attend. Gurez Festival is celebrated at the time of July or August in the scintillating valley of Gurez.

Saffron Festival

The colourful Saffron Festival in Visoo, Pampore is celebrated over the course of three days. A film show is organised which depicts the sowing and harvesting process of saffron, its medicinal value, plucking of saffron flowers followed by a cultural show. During the course of the festival, the saffron growers are offered a rebate while being made aware of its benefits and medicinal values.

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