The grave of Moses is believed to lie about 12 kms from Bandipore. The tomb itself is in a quadrangular enclosure with three other covered graves. One of them is of Sang Bibi, the hermit, and the other two are of her disciples. All these three graves, like Muslim graves, are in the North-South direction. The fourth is believed to be the graves of Moses, which, like Jewish graves, is in the East-West direction. Moses’s grave is marked by a rock slab planted deep with just a small tip visible above the dirt. The place is surrounded by rocks. On one edge of the grave are wind horses,also called prayer flags, which indicate that local people still make their way up here, say prayers and tear a piece of their clothing to leave as an offering. The grave of Moses has two trees on either side. They were planted about 400 years ago by Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Hamza of Kashmir who prayed there for 40 days near the grave of Prophet Moses. 

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