In the year 1620 AD, Sri Guru Hargobind Singh visited Kashmir Valley accompanied by Emperor Jehangir. They came to the Valley from Rajouri using the old Mughal route and reached village Shajimarg in District Pulwama. Thereafter, Guruji visited Srinagar and Baramulla with Emperor Jehangir. To commemorate his visit to Baramulla, Gurdwara was constructed with white marble on the banks of river Jhelum. From Baramulla, Guruji visited Singhpura and thereafter, and Emperor Jehangir, visited Paran Pillan. Guru Hargobindji met five noble peers and had a religious discussion with them. Guruji and five peers sat on a large flat rock for the religious. The Paran Pillan Gurdwara is located at the same place where Guruji and the Peers had religious issues. The Ziarat of Takia Sakhi Baba Gulsher Shah, of the Peers is also located near this Gurdwara.

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