According to history, one faqir, Balol and his disciples met Guru Hargobind Ji near  Kalampura village. They discussed religion with Guru Ji. At the request of people, Guru Ji dug out a fresh often came from Baramulla to Singhpura for hunting expeditions. In the last years of the 19th century, a platform (Thara) 20 x 25 feet was constructed by S. Matwal Singh and other Guru Sikhs. Chief Khalsa Dewan Amritsar and intellectuals like Bhai Vir S. Damodar Singh Narinder Singh, visited this place and constructed the Gurdwara building in 1928-1931 AD. The Gurdwara was renovated by BSF in 1971 and the present Gurdwara was made in 1996.

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