Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty and rightly given as the tag of “Paradise on Earth”. There are numerous places in Kashmir which are famous for its flora and fauna and there lots of places which are yet to get their due importance. One such place is the Drangyari. Situated near the town of Chowkibal, one hour from Kupwara lies the nature’s wonder “Drangyari”. Drangyari in local parlance means a place where there is a confluence of Nalas. The valley has a major nala which flows along the roadside named Drangyari Nar. Three other small nalas also merge into this and this flows towards the town Chokibal. The place is loaded with beautiful meadows, springs and snowmelt streams. As we travel from Kupwara on the Chowkibal Road towards Drangyari Valley, you  will encounter Trehgam village, birthplace of JKLF cofounder Maqbool Bhat, where a masjid and mandir is situated side by side along the road. As the road spins out, past vast tracts of cultivated fields dotted with families working the land, apple orchards whizz past and ahead of Kralpora, you can see the forest west toward the Shamsabari Hills. The view is mesmerising and is no lesser than you can find in Switzerland. The areas are lush green during the time of summers and fully immersed in snow spell during winters. As you continue snaking your way along the Chowkibal-Tangdhar Road, after about 6 kms you will enter Drangyari Valley. The valley is rich in natural wealth but infrastructure for overnight stays is still being put in place. The valley has the calmness and soothing view giving you the digital detox which is required by today’s fast paced lives. The place is yet to be developed as a tourist centre, as of now no resorts are present in the area and that is the reason you cannot stay in the valley during the night. The valley provides a classical view will long trees, high range mountains in the background and a small river flowing along the road. People travelling to Tangdhar or Bangus Valley often take a break along the river side during the summers to catch a bite and enjoy the scenery. As of now there is no network coverage in the area which is a bliss else you would be caught up in your work. A small village named Rangwar Village is situated in the valley having a scarce population of roughly 500. One will be able to experience the actual culture and traditional style homes in the village. The valley is an optimum spot to enjoy a cosy stay in the woods, the temperature drops down to as low as 10 degrees in the summers. One can imagine a ideal stay here far from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoying the sound of nature, no involvement from anyone, sitting quietly and enjoying the beauty of the place. There are not many places to see in Drangyari Valley but in my opinion the valley itself is a gem. One can sit there all day having a cup of warm tea and enjoy bonfire with your loved ones in the night. The place looks heaven in all kinds of weather and has its own charm. The flowers bloom naturally in the area and is a treat to the eyes. The Rangwar Village is yet to receive power supply and the area is mostly pitch dark at night. The tourist out flow is very less during the summers and none during the winters as the road gets closed due to heavy snowfall. The area looks like a wonderland fully covered in the snow. Drangyari Valley has not got its due importance as tourist hardly visit or know about the place. The area needs infrastructure development to handle the tourists and certainly lot of publicity to let people know about this magical place. Where one drive on the road towards Tangdhar, one will reach the famous Sadhna Pass (named after yesteryear actress Sadhna!) and into the remote Karnah Valley, with the towering Shamsabari peaks as the backdrop, before returning to stay over night. You can also visit the Bangus Valley and while you do that, one can encounter a 45 Mins trek between the meadows before you hit acres of flat lush green lands of Bungus valley. Drangyari valley holds potential in terms of a tourist spot and if developed vehemently can turn out to be one of the famous tourist places in Kashmir combined with the Bangus Valley and a trip to the Sadhna Pass.

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