“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it, and one such piece is the LOLAB VALLEY”

            Nearly 110km northwest of the capital city Srinagar, lies the picturesque beauty of nature ‘Lolab Valley’. Named after Maharaja Lobo, the valley is known for its lush green forests stretching across nearly 25km. The valley is a sub district of Kupwara, is well connected via road network and has good infrastructure. This gorgeous piece of land is situated at 5500 feet in the Sogam Lolab, which is a block of Kupwara. The valley is filled with many beautiful lakes, streams, waterfall and is also an important agriculture center of Kashmir Valley, as it grows plenty of rice and corn. There are numerous places which are worth visiting such as Chandigam, Lalkul and Dalkul rivers, Lalbug waterfalls, Satbaram and Kalaroosh.

            The Valley has a historical legend attached to it as far as tourism is concerned. The beauty of Lolab has been etched in history by the beautiful lines written by the famous Urdu poet Mohammand Iqbal in the poem ‘ O Valley of Lolab’. In this poem, the poet has very aptly described all the spectacular landforms present in the valley and since then it has attracted tourists all over the world. The valley is also popular for various activities such as eco tourism and adventure tourism. Scenic places such as Amari, Trumuleh, Bumsee and Kimsar can be accessed by a two hours trek. Lolab is also the home of Hangul (the state animal of Jammu & Kashmir), Leopards and different species of birds.

            Lolab has been witnessing a gradual increase in tourist footfall every year because of its rich heritage which includes medieval mosques, temples and beautiful dams. Upcoming modern facilities and safety provisions that have been put in place have also proven to be a game changer in the flourishing tourism of Lolab. The place holds with it varied entertainment that attracts people of all age groups. For the youth, there are facilities of camping at Sogam, Anderbug, Kalaroos, Diver, Chandigam and Lalpor. In addition to this, there are adventurous activities like Trekking from Lolab valley to Wular Lake in Bandipora and various other fun activities which lie throughout the length & breadth of the valley. Alongwith the pan India tourists, the valley is also frequently visited by the local Kashmiri people who come here and spend time with their friends and families whilst enjoying the calmness and beauty of nature.

                      However, the place has gained its rightful recognition in the tourism industry of Kashmir, there is still much to do in the optimal exploration of the untapped places of the valley which can be accessed by the application of concepts like home stays. The connectivity in the valley can further be enhanced by better road network which will help tourism thrive in a substantial way.

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