Demon Machasvar (Mahisasura) had terrorized Devtas in the region of Hananlwara (present Handwara). Goddess Kali reached Kashmir Mandala and made her first appearance at Kotitirtha. This Shrine, as per legend, was resident to one crore Devtas, hence the name of ‘Kotitirtha or Karostiratha’ in local tradition. Devtas here handed over their powers to the Goddess by applying tilak (Bhadra) on her forehead to humble the demon.  Goddess, thus empowered, transformed herself into Bhadra Kali, a fierce form of Kali. The Goddess Bhadrakali moved from Kotitirtha to Anapur, present Khanpur. Her spring here is covered with wooden planks. It is said that anybody who looks at it turns blind. Her next stop was at Binyar. The spring here is quite deep and has an old masonry (dam) on one side. From Binyar, the Goddess went to Lahsar, where the spring is 10 feet by 10 feet. Then the Goddess came to Rishipara, near Dangiwacha where she gave darshan to her devotees. The Goddess has a Vaishnavite element here. Nobody can clean her spring nor go near it after taking meat. The Goddess then moved to Bhadra, the abode of Sapt Rishis. There are seven Kunds, some of which have lost water. One of these Kunds, the Devi’s abode, is Chandranag. It does have any stone masonary lining and remains filled with water. Bhadra pandit used to clean it annually.

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