This Shrine known as Khanqahi Gousia or Dastageer Sabun is located at Khanyaar, Sinagar. It was costructed during the Afghan period by Syed Ghulam-ud-Din Azad, grandson of Sakhi Shah Muhammad Fazil Qadri during governorship of Noor-ud-Din Khan Bamzia. Hazrat Sakhi Shah Muhammad had come from Baghdad to Thatha (Sindh) during the reign of Aurangzeb, where from he came to Kashmir and initiated the Qadri Silsila here, for that he is being considered as the founder of this Silsila. He attracted so many disciples to his fold including an influential Afghan official viz., Qazi Abdul Qadir Khan Choh. The Shrine got extension during the reign of Maharaja Ranbir Singh at the hands of Khwaja Sona-ullan Shawl. ‘Dastageer’ means ‘he who extends his hands’. The sacred relics of some of the most important figures of Islam are kept in this Shrine. These include Nama Sharief in the hand of Hazart Ali (Pictographical), holy relic of Hazart Gousulazam Dastageer. Muhammad AAfzal and Qazı Abdul Qadir Khan Choh are buried in the Shrine. Hence, its importance owes considerably to these relics. In the evenings, the large windows of Dastageer Saheb are opened and one can look inside even from the road. The beautiful khatamband ceilings elaborate wood carvings and the grand chandeliers attract every individual visiting the Shrine.

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