The culture of Kashmir is a blend of multiple customs and came from Northern India and the Chinese territory of Aksai Chin. The state enjoys the presence of mix religions and that’s why Kashmir is famous for its cultural heritage. It amalgamates Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist people who make Kashmir more beautiful by adopting their own culture that has brought many changes in their living style.

Origin, Background & People

The Kashmiri population in an ethno-linguistic group that can be compared with an Indo-Greek with their racial structure of the Kashmiris. The native of Kashmiri people lives in Pakistan, Upper Punjab and Potohar where they organize a group and live together. Although, Kashmiri people live in different parts of India they are mainly gathered in the Valley of Kashmir, Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban thasils of Jammu Division.  Their language is highly influenced by the Sanskrit language and mostly spoken by Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Hindus. However, you can find variation in language when you will travel to different parts of Kashmir. Their writing script consists of Arabic style.


Kashmir has some mouth-watering cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The popular dishes of meat are Kashmiri Kebag, Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Pasanda, Syun Alu and Methi Keema. All the non-vegetarian lovers will have a lot to choose from. Some of the famous vegetarian dishes include Hak, Rajmah, Zarda, Tursh, Shree Pulao, Nadeir Yakhaen, and Ladyar Tsaman. These dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables with paneer to give an interesting taste to the cuisine.

If you are dessert lover then you must try sevaiyaan, phirni and barfi among others which would make you fall in love with these sweets. Guest in Kashmir is welcomed with hot sheer tea and Kahwah which you have never tasted before. Kashmiri Pulao is also a famous dish worldwide which is prepared in almost every home at regular intervals. A large number of Kashmiri people also love hak or karam sag which is mostly made during winter to keep themselves protected from chilled weather.


Kashmir is a popular place for their beautiful and unique Handicraft. The Pashmina Shawl is famous worldwide for its quality and fabric.  Almost every woman love and desire Pashmina Shawl as it symbolizes royalty. The design and embroidery work on the shawl is breathtaking also, the warmth and softness that it offers is completely matchless. Kashmir is also famous for their hand-knotted carpets and woolen rugs having floral design.

Kashmir has its own style of dance performance and music that is simple and fabulous. Almost every festival and fair consists of dance and music that is a big attraction for tourist also. There is a wide variety of dance and music that is performed according to the occasion. One of the popular dance forms is Mask dance that is performed during the Hemis Festival. The dancers wear colorful costume, wear face mask and brocade robes and do ceremonial dances. Other major dance forms are Chakri, Ladishah, Ruf dance and Dandaras dance. Roul, Dogri and Wuegi-Nachun are some of the forms of folk dance.

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