Uniqueness of the Kashmiri art has been greatly recognized by historians, but references to ancient and authentic Kashmiri art skills, are scattered. Kashmiri art has undergone an multifaceted refining process with Persian, Mughal and Buddhist influence being predominant ideology. The Kashmiri art and artists both have undergone a traditional, contemporary and modern transit phases. This is primarily due to the constant changes in the ruling dynasties, external invasions and internal turmoil the region has faced over the years. Despite all odds Kashmiri artisans and painters have always taken efforts to hone their skills and pass it on the future generations. In the twenty first century it is an arduous task for any art to sustain. Even in the recent years there was no sign of any art galleries in Kashmir Valley. Recognition for the present & future artisans is must and the government has come up with a great idea to showcase and promote the local art.

 Number of welfare initiative and innovative recognition measures have been put in  place, where, under the smart city project, artisans have been allowed to showcase this talent on prominent city infrastructures like government buildings, walls & flyovers. Mohamed Sadiq from Qsim Bagh who is a graduate from London Art School is glad and feels secured that this recognition will go a long way in motivating the budding artisans.  Valid platforms are a must so that any creative skill will pass the test of time. Many artists want the government to intervene and come up with more welfare in terms of financial aids, government recognized courses and accreditation.

Nausad Gayoor who is an artist, had come up with an out of the box idea, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic of launching an online art gallery which targets online exhibition, workshops and collaborative courses, he thereafter, launched his art collection online. In a collective event on 22 October 2020 a Kashmiri art themed National Symposium and Exhibition on “Memories of October 1947” was organized by National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology showcasing the gallant act of the soldiers, this event was sought to outline shapes and contours of future museum on the historical themes. . The intricate understanding of Kashmiri paintings of art work is limited due to very little surviving evidence. The art beholds a rich Persianised ideaology and has survived two centuries which demonstrate that Kashmiri art & artisans are not only prolific, but have also fruitfully incorporated many opportunities over year to spread the art across the subcontinent and Asian region. “Shahnama- ye Firdausi”, Shirazi and Timurid which are famous Kashmiri art work which display spontaneity and expressiveness in their themes.

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