The entire Kashmir Valley & Ladakh, possess the uniqueness of distinct and diversified landscape with enormous untapped potential to emerge as a “Tourism Capital of World”. The massive PirPanjal, Shamsabari, Karakoram, Zanskar& Great Himalayas are the nature’s finest gift to the humanity. The lush green meadows with waters of the Jhelum and the Chenab are beyond any imagination. Despite so much natural wealth, the landscape has not been explored to its optimum level. The enigma of this valley has always attracted the individual to find natural &spiritual salvation.

We the people of this great nation, has moral obligation to revive the lost paradise. The economic and cultural prosperity, it can generate would be beyond anyone’s imagination. To do so, the first & the foremost step is to shun violence and de-radicalise the society.  The Pakistan sponsored terrorism has reached its pinnacle and by all means, it needs to be defeated and eradicated from its roots. We need to liberate the society from radicalised thoughts and bring a positivity in the environment. Religious tolerance is the epitome of developed society. We need to create special zones for tourism related activities and infrastructures.

The example of Dubai & Middle East is a live model to emulate. Islamic nation with so much religious tolerance and respect for others, shows the maturity of its people. Despite all odds, with a singular aim in life, calibrated efforts have gone to develop modern day Dubai. The valley has been bestowed with all the requisite natural resources. Despite everything, there is something missing “The Nefarious Design” of our adversary is to keep this region under reigns of terror. We need to break this chain &establish the region with positively and hope.

May one day the “Tourism Capital of World” organise winter Olympics or a film festival or a World leader summit. I pray to almighty that we all understand & respect the nature & defeat one adversary in its own game, by taking giant-leaps towards better future.

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