The theme of the current year’s G20 operations is accepted by all members of the organisation. The term Vasudeva Kutumbakam  is a sanskrit word which means “one earth, one family and one future.” The world is in a state where it is going in a comprehensive change in the leadership and outlook as a whole requires a new mantra to move ahead. Peaceful coexistence is the key to thrive and prosper in this changing world order. And I feel this new mantra of Vasudeva Kutumbakam  is the genesis of this. The last new world order was created at the fall of Soviet Russia, which was preceded by the bipolar emergence of capitalist and communist ideology post WW II. Today there is no such event but change in economic order is predominant. The example of economic conditions of India and Pakistan validates the Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest.”The change in world order is triggered by the economic conditions of the nations. Economies like Sri Lanka and Pakistan are struggling to survive but on the other hand India has surpassed United Kingdom to become the fifth largest economy in the world. On a lighter note Churchill would not have even dreamt about such a state in his nightmarish dreams that the colony is surpassing the colonizer.A large credit must be given to the economic reforms undertaken by successive governments and the economists who created favourable policies for the country to grow. But at the same time these economic reforms would not have been a success if implemented without the robust backing of organizations like G20 and IMF.This year the Presidency of the G20 is with India and India under the present government intends to seize the opportunity with both hands. Instead of a central headquarter the G20 is carrying out its meets and discussions all across the nation. India uses this opportunity to showcase the talent and the resources available for the foreign companies willing to invest in India. With covid came  numerous awakenings to the world. India’s Vaccine Diplomacy has been widely appreciated by the international community unanimously across multinational forums. At the same time world also witnessed the true colours of China and her intentions.The post covid world is seriously restrategising about replacing the reliance on Chinese manufacturing and has already started disinvestment. In such a situation what better option can the world get apart from India. The soft corner garnered by the Indian Government by Vaccine Diplomacy coupled with current G20 presidency the right planks to India’s economic growth.This comes as a great opportunity for Kashmir, when we are inching towards stability, foreign direct investments in fields such as tourism and sustainable energy will boost the economic growth of Kashmir. Just a food for thought, recently prestigious international universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale are in the process of opening campuses in India. What if one of the campus opens up here in the valley itself.

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