Kashmir - Government order forces schoolchildren in south Kashmir to shell  out money for Har Ghar Tiranga campaign - Telegraph India

HAR GHAR TIRANGA is a campaign run by government of India to commemorate the 75TH anniversary of country’s independence. We got independence long back but unfortunately till today we are not entrenched in sense of belongingness about the national flag. Most of the youth of the country are not even aware about the details of our national flag; like size of the flag, significance of various colours or significance of chakra. HAR GHAR TIRANGA is a very important part of AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV celebration. This campaign will definitely change the perspective of all the countrymen towards national flag and will also instill the respect and affinity towards TIRANGA.

          The campaign becomes more important when it comes to Kashmir the “Valley of beauty”. In Kashmir till 5th Aug 2019, when the abrogation of article 370 took place people were using their own flag but not the Tricolour. Despite being an integral part of Union of India people were not ready to use Tiranga as their identity and they were using a different flag i.e., the flag of Kashmir. But after abrogation of article 370 we can see a drastic change on the use of national flag in the society. Let me narrate a story to clear the view of Kashmiri on National Flag:- 

          I have served in this location for a period of more than a year and this incident happened during my 5th month of service in RR. I was conducting a “Sadbhavna” activity in a primary school, the activity was tricolour painting competition. No image was given to them and only a theme was given (i.e., Tiranga) with an intent to explore their imagination. I was surprised to see that many of them were not aware about the national flag, and those who were aware they were also not very confident. So, I sat with them and started discussing about various things. As discussion unfolded further, I educated them about our flag, its importance and many others things. I also took a paper and started painting with them. Although I am not a great artist but somehow I managed to make a decent national flag. I showed it to a little girl of age somewhere around 5-6 years and asked her “BETA YE KIS DESH KA NATIONAL FLAG HAI”.  To my surprise she smiled and said “PAKISTAN KA”. I was shocked but at the same time sad about who and how this innocent girl is learning about Pakistan. So I started going more often to that school and started spending more time with the kids teaching them about India and showing them our national symbol and other national symbol. After 6-7 months the situation is that each student of that school are aware about the basic knowledge about country. They have memorised the song and sing national anthem in morning prayers. It feels so good that by just associating them with the national flag there was a remarkable change in their affinity towards country. Since the abrogation of article 370 we have seen a remarkable change. With “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign we hope the affiliation will further improve and the sense of belongingness will prevail in the local populace. Today I can see people coming to the coy cdrs and requesting them to provide National flags for putting it on their houses and vehicles in support of Har Ghar Tiranga campaign. This is a big achievement for Indian Government as well as India Army.

          To curb the terrorism in valley the main focus of government cannot be the terrorist only, instead if we should focus on locals and try to change their mind-set which can finally uproot terroris. Security forces are putting out their best on eradication of terrorism. If you want to bind the people together give them some symbol or identity to relate to and there could not be a better symbol then tricolour.

          Har Ghar Tiranga is a very thoughtful campaign undertaken by government to bind the nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and an ideal way to pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom and did supreme sacrifice of their life. Let’s come together and celebrate this occasion with Tiranga held high in heart, mind and home.

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