“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”

– Aristotle


Education, the most potent instrument at our disposal, has the ability to transform people, communities, and even countries. It acts as the key to open windows of opportunity, illumination, and advancement. The power to make the future more promising for everyone through cultivating critical thinking, advancing cultural understanding, and stimulating economic growth comes from the same.  The fertile minds of the young generation are moulded at the educational institutions. The teaching imparted at these centres of learning makes a lasting impression in the young minds and therefore it is essential to analyse the correlation of type of school, radicalisation and youth picking up weapon.

Personal Empowerment

Education fosters personal development and empowerment. It provides people with the information, abilities, and resources needed to successfully negotiate life’s complexity. People who are educated are better able to think critically, challenge presumptions, and make thoughtful judgments. It raises intellectual curiosity and creativity, allowing people to pursue their interests and find meaning in life. A greater awareness of oneself and others is fostered through education, which also improves communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Social Mobility

Education is a potent social mobility tool that gives people the chance to rise beyond their socioeconomic circumstances. It not only gives people the information and skills they need to escape the cycle of prejudice and poverty but also gives equal access to resources and opportunities. This in fact is only made possible through education’s empowerment of underprivileged populations and commitment to inclusiveness. It gives people the resources they need to gain greater work opportunities, higher wages, and higher living standards. Education also instills the ideals of equality, tolerance, and respect, promoting cohesive communities where individuals from all origins may coexist peacefully.

Societal Development

The foundation for societal growth and development is prominently the education. It is essential in forming people’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions, which in turn affects how society is built as a whole. Education promotes active citizenship by enabling people to take part in political processes, fight for social justice, and improve their communities. Equipping people with the critical thinking and problem solving abilities necessary to address difficult social issues including poverty, environmental degradation, and inequality is the essence of educated society. Additionally, education promotes creativity, scientific discovery, and technological improvement, which fuels sustainable development and economic prosperity.

Cultural Understanding

Education helps people comprehend other cultures by exposing them to other viewpoints, histories, and customs. People gain empathy, tolerance, and an understanding for other cultures via education, which helps to dispel misconceptions and promote mutual respect. Peaceful and cohesive society that honours and appreciates the variety of people by fostering cultural understanding is built only by education. Additionally, It nurtures cultural appreciation, respect, and understanding and lowers barriers and promotes understanding across many cultures by exposing people to a variety of viewpoints, histories, and customs. People are given the skills they need to dispel prejudice, challenge preconceptions, and create understanding across cultural boundaries.

Way Forward

  • In today’s modern outlook and to be in line with rest of the world, revamping of the educational institutions is must. The young minds get influenced by the way the religious studies are interpreted and taught to children.
  • Recommendations to Improve Edn Sys in Kashmir.
  • Strict Enforcement of Curriculum.        Civil & education board must ensure CBSE/ ICSCE/ JK BOSS curriculum be adhered to.
  • Selection of Teachers & Staff.    For ensuring a secular & fair sys of education, teachers must be selected based on competition& experience in teaching pan India.
  • Rationalise Faculty.           Set up a centralised faculty of social sciences to teach subjects like economics, history, pol science, and broader trends in foreign policy. Collaborations with various centers of excellence should be conducted.
  • National Symbols.             National symbols should be made mandatory in morning assembly of schools to instill a sense of identity and belongingness to the country and patriotism amongst children.
  • Education of Girls.            The sys must lay impetus on education of girls by/ giving reduced fess/ free education, meals and quotas in higher education.           


            Unquestionably, education has the capacity to empower people, increase social mobility, and propel society’s advancement. Irrespective a person’s gender, social status, region or religion, access to education should be a basic human right. We can unleash the transforming potential of education and build a world where everyone has the chance to prosper, contribute, and have a positive effect on society by prioritising education and encouraging a culture of lifelong learning. We can create a better future where knowledge, wisdom, and development rule supreme if we acknowledge and use the power of education. It is pragmatic that quality of education & teachers be improved for bringing better future in Kashmir. Overall revamping of education system will definitely improve security sit in Valley.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

― Socrates

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